I love photography and video. The other day I was at 4S Ranch taking my son to hitting practice in 4S Ranch. I decided to try some night time settings on my Cannon Rebel SL2. I’ve always wanted to get into photography but I’ve always lagged. Thank goodness for Youtube videos on how to get cool shots at night! The following photos are of 4S Ranch Real Estate, residential and commercial buildings, all within walking distance. The thing about living in 4S Ranch is that you can walk to a lot of popular landmarks like shopping, parks and schools. Enjoy!

Fast and still shot at San Mortiz Townhomes at 4S Ranch.

The YY Art Center is a popular spot in 4S Ranch. Its home to Music Pillars and ArtHaus 5. If your child is artistically inclined and you are seeking piano lessons in 4S Ranch, Drum Lessons, Voice Lessons in San Diego, etc. Check out their website for more info. ArtHaus 5 at 4S Ranch offers all sorts of art camps, art classes, and events. Check out their website for cool kid art! The YY Art Center, located at 10710 Thornmint Road, San Diego CA 92127.

This place is next to the batting cages in 4S Ranch. Cool night shot!